Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, GAGers!

Have you ever wondered about the origin of our “holiday of love”? I was curious myself, and checked out the hopefully-dependable Wikipedia page on the subject. I wasn’t surprised at all to learn it originally had nothing to do with romance and relationships, haha! But alas, it has become THE holiday of love and sometimes, we’re a bit clueless on what to do (or not do) to celebrate.

First Date
While you have actually added even more pressure to the nerve wracking first date, there’s no need to panic. Try to remember to fight the urge to be TOO romantic. You may feel tempted to be extra lovey-dovey because of the holiday, but remember it’s still only your first date. Need help? Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of a Valentine’s Day First Date.

Established Relationship
You guys are an established couple. You’re comfortable with each other, you’re past the “polite” stage of the relationship and you’re not sure how to reignite the romance for this special day. Not to mention, most of us are on a strict budget these days, making this even more complicated and confusing. Here’s How to Make Valentine’s Day Special on a Budget.

Valentine’s Day Gifts
Whether it’s a first date, a new relationship, or a very very ooooold relationship, people are usually scratching their heads, completely confused about what to get their loves for Valentine’s Day. The first rule is to KNOW THE PERSON YOU’RE SHOPPING FOR! This is something that’s surprisingly very often overlooked… people realizing at the last minute that they’re trying to please someone they don’t seem to know or understand very well. After that, it should be easy. According to our very own GAGers, here’s the Top 10 Amazon Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Whether you’re in a relationship or single for Valentine’s Day this year, spread the love and enjoy!


GirlsAskGuys Team

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