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Hello Everyone!

We are always amazed at the furor of activity we experience on GirlsAskGuys. Because we hear what you are saying, we’ve decided to enhance the experience by inviting Experts to become GAGers for a period of time.
Do you have a Blog? A Website?
From the Expert Profile, Experts will offer their opinions directly to the GAG Community on a particular Topic, for example “Relationships.” This is an Expert Profile Caren-Field and this is an Expert question/opinion thread Why does my boyfriend stare at other women in front of me? I’ve told him that it’s disrespectful, but he still does it.. I don’t get it?

We have noticed that many of you are Experts in your own right. Now we have an Expert Profile Application Form that you can use to tell us about yourself. Our Team will review all applications, and contact you.

GirlsAskGuys is a platform leveraging the curiosity of an ever expanding social community in which women and men of varied backgrounds discuss a wide array of lifestyle issues ranging from dating & relationships to fashion & health, by sharing their experiences and opinions, to help each other. If you think you have something to say, or you are already saying it, apply and let the GAG Community hear it!

All Profiles are different. We’ll customize it with photos, an About Me blurb, text, a video, and links to your Social Pages. When you write an article for us, we’ll link it to your Expert Profile as well, and all your opinions will be at the top of the thread with an Expert Badge right next to your name. We’ll interact on Social Media and have Twitter #Chats. As an Expert you are expected to mention our collaboration in your Site and share links and widgets, or poll questions to reach even further.

GirlsAskGuys reaches 10 million visitors/members every month. Five months ago we launched EllasSaben, responding to the demand of the Spanish speaking population. And our site KizlarSoruyor is one of the most popular sites in Turkey (Ranked in the Top 5 and the #1 visited for Women/Fashion).

This is some of the exposure GirlsAskGuys has enjoyed recently:

Tech conference to show off STL startups
GirlsAskGuys launches Spanish version, web traffic rises
GirlsAskGuys Closing Cross-Gender Gap
Tanriseven’s GirlsAskGuys Takes Off As Opposite Sex Q&A Portal

If you decide you would like to be a part of GAG, come join us!
Sign Up here and contact us to ask for the Expert Application Form.

A big thanks from the G@G team!

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